Photos of VCAN Conferences from previous years

2017 Conference

Keynote speakers: 

Brett Lief
Chief Strategic Advisor, Windham Professionals

Steve Constantino
Chief Academic Officer, VA Department of Education


2016 Conference with Keynote Speaker Dr. Dietra Trent, Secretary of Education

2015 conference opening session with keynote speaker senator Walter Stosch


2014 Conference

2005: Charlottesville; First Annual
2006: Richmond; Virginia’s Voice for Access
2007: Newport News; Unlocking the Mysteries of College Access
2008: Staunton; Connections, Collaborations, Credibility
2009: Roanoke; Pathways to Access, Retention, and Success
2010: Hampton; From Today’s Issues to Tomorrow’s Successes
2011: Charlottesville; Educate to Innovate: Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce
2012: Richmond; Communicate, Collaborate, & Celebrate
2013: Portsmouth; Stronger Together